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Open Source

Building the future of healthcare.

Datica's mission is to help you focus on fixing healthcare without spending all of your time on HIPAA compliance. By open-sourcing our own company policies and other resources, we hope other healthcare companies will benefit.

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Datica Open Source Resources


Datica Policies

Datica helps relieve the technical burden with our HIPAA-compliant cloud and solutions for healthcare.



Datica Compliant Cloud CLI

To learn more about the Datica CLI and all the great features we've added, we recommend reading the documentation.

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Datica HIPAA Training

This is an overview training of HIPAA, with coverage of key definitions and provisions for the handing of HIPAA-relevant data.

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Datica Legal Docs

The Datica Legal Docs exist to outline Datica Health, Inc's terms of service and other legalese.

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Datica Mirth Transforms

Here you can find and contribute to a growing community of content intitiated by Datica with the intent of making Mirth connect-based integrations easier.

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