June 25, 2019

Sansoro Health and Datica combine forces to support healthcare’s data-driven transformation to the cloud

Jeremy Pierotti

Co-founder, CEO, and Chief Privacy Officer

Every day, cloud computing advances world-changing technology services. We take for granted things like video streaming, real-time traffic updates; and online shopping, and one might forget that these capabilities, at scale, require the exchange and storage of massive amounts of data.

Now, we see rapid acceleration of cloud adoption in healthcare, too. In part, this is because healthcare has adopted a data-driven mindset. “Securely connecting systems and devices to the cloud was the best way to enable outreach and ultimately new insights into data,” according to a digital health leader at GE Healthcare.

In other words, to support delivery of better outcomes at lower cost, digital health solutions require patient data in the cloud. This fundamentally changes the health IT landscape for software developers, life science companies, providers, and payers. The HIPAA Privacy and Security rules were written in a pre-cloud world. Today, how can companies use patient data in the cloud and secure it, in transit and at rest?

Datica + Sansoro

As separate entities, Sansoro Health and Datica recognized this data-driven transformation. Each worked first-hand with organizations that harness patient data to build better analytics and workflow improvement solutions. And each company knew that health IT developers face unique compliance and data integration problems. Digital health software engineers string together multiple tools to meet HIPAA compliance needs and wrestle with data exchange using HL7v2, X.12, DICOM, FHIR, proprietary APIs, and everything in between. Listening to our customers and the broader market, we realized the opportunity to solve compliance and data exchange with a complete, self-service platform.

To directly address this industry need, Sansoro Health and Datica have merged. Our product suite will accelerate healthcare’s transformation to a data-driven future on the cloud by mitigating the complexity and risk of using patient data. Our new platform will allow customers to adopt any cloud service while securely integrating patient data from any source, all in a secure and compliant manner. We have integrated tools that support HITRUST compliance and EHR integration, with end-to-end security in the cloud. Recognizing patient data as the key, we will use the name Datica.

As we move forward, we promise to provide the complete platform for developers to solve the complex problems associated with patient data. This allows them to focus on building outstanding products and solutions for healthcare with the assurance they can get and secure the patient data they need in a cloud environment.

All of us at the new Datica look forward to partnering with you to drive health IT innovation in the cloud.

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