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Understanding HITRUST

Datica Guide: Understanding HITRUST

Leading experts answer the question What is HITRUST?


What is HITRUST? Leaders of healthcare providers, payers and third party vendors formed the HITRUST alliance to regulate the interpretation of inconsistent views on data security standards. HITRUST, in partner with other industry leaders, created the Common Security Framework (CSF) to be the premier model for the future of healthcare compliance validation. We know this to be fact.

When you’re finished, you’ll know more about HITRUST and their Common Security Framework than most of the industry. Included in the guide:

  • What is HITRUST?
  • Why does HITRUST matter?
  • Structure of the HITRUST CSF
  • The HITRUST CSF Assessment
  • Cost of a HITRUST CSF Assessment and Certification
  • What do the experts say?
  • Our HITRUST Journey

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